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May 02 2021
2022 And a New Path for Environmental Law in the Global Economy

2022 And a New Path for Environmental Law in the Global Economy

International law is based on the shared purposes of states, yet its fragmented nature reduces its a...

May 01 2021

Can the 2022 Declaration be a Game Changer?

Without a legal framework able to represent the global commons as they exist intangibly in the natur...

April 29 2021

‘To Know Without Knowing?’ Reinforcing the Science-Policy Interface in Global Environmental Governance

Stockholm +50 should be action-oriented to strengthen the interface between science and internationa...

April 28 2021

Considerations as Contribution to, and Beyond the Political Declaration

The process preparing the political declaration is not mandated to negotiate a new global umbrella C...

April 26 2021
Towards a Global Pact

Towards a Global Pact

A concise and authoritative statement is easier and quicker than digging around in a variety of sour...

April 25 2021

The integrity and unity of the Earth System: a principle for a new Pact for the Earth

Life on Earth is possible due to the functioning interaction of the planet’s physical, chemical, a...

April 25 2021

A Call for Strengthening Cooperation

Cooperation is a cornerstone principle of international environmental law and its content needs to b...

April 25 2021

Towards a high-level Political Declaration – A search for building blocks

Open rules leave it entirely to courts how to interpret and apply rules. A combination of general an...

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