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February 01 2022

Can multilateralism rise to the moment for Stockholm +50?

People worldwide have high hopes for the Stockholm+50 moment and the 2022 Declaration. Despite the h...

November 22 2021

COP26 and the Flawed Design of International Law

With respect to climate change, the Earth’s atmosphere should be recognized as a global trust that...

October 14 2021

Three states of mind needed to solve today’s environmental crises

Consciousness, imagination and thoughtfulness. Three states of mind needed to tackle today’s envir...

September 28 2021

Should the 2022 Declaration recognize rights of nature?

The UN General Assembly has decided to organize an international conference in 2022 to celebrate the...

May 08 2021

Answering the Clarion Call for the Global Pact for the Environment

Sustainable investing is increasing - and this trend has led to more vigorous corporate action on su...