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Right to a healthy environment

January 26 2022

2022 Declaration: Enhancing the Implementation of International Environmental Law

The 2022 Declaration resulting from the UNEP@50 international conference could be a strong document....

July 21 2021

Access to domestic courts to enhance environmental governance

The 2022 declaration should consider the multiplication of lawsuits brought by individuals, mainly r...

June 29 2021

Enhancing International Rule of Law through a Global Pact for the Environment

Central to the states’ survival in the face of the accelerating climate crisis will be their enhan...

June 23 2021

Addressing Inequality to Foster Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Environmental Regimes

The 2022 Declaration must integrate concerns related to inequality between people and between states...

May 03 2021

The Human Right to a Healthy Environment: Protecting Life on Earth

Human rights can help overcome the Achilles heel of international environmental law—the absence of...